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Released: 25.06.21







With its ambitious sprawl and relatable pathos, Kojaque‘s filmic debut delivers a mordant paean to angsty ennui and doomed romance through explorations of hometown blues and, particularly, depictions of a tumultuous love triangle. Unfolding over a madcap NYE night, Town’s Dead is infectiously immersive – a motley kaleidoscope of heady sonics, millennial woes (“Can’t afford the rent where my ma done raised me“) and enough trippy flourishes to keep your pupils dilated for days on end.

Indisputable bangers like Shmelly and the raucous title track deftly flaunt the rapid-fire precision of Kojaque’s brogued cadence. Elsewhere, the disarming tenderness of both Jinty Boy Blues and Casio attest glowingly to the self-professed soft-boy’s proclivity for unfeigned vulnerability. Taken altogether, it’s no mean feat.


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