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Released: 22.02.19






Two decades since he emerged as a key cog in Fife’s Fence Collective, the career of James Yorkston is enjoying one of its most fertile junctures. Following his warmly received collaborations with Jon Thorn and Suhail Yusef Kahn and debut novel Three Crawls, The Route to the Harmonium is the sound of a master songwriter continuing to stretch his creative horizons.

Structurally, it’s 12-song tracklist revolves around a trio of engrossing spoken-word pieces, amplifying the intensity and acting as breakwaters between more traditional nuggets of beauty such as Like Bees to Foxglove and A Footnote to a Epitaph. With lush, layered arrangements (practically every antiquated instrument is played by Yorkston himself) adding further enchantment, it’s another beguiling triumph from one of Britain’s most accomplished storytellers.


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