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Released: 30.04.21







Ja, Panik’s sixth studio album sounds like a night without end. I imagine it was recorded in moments of insomnia, in the small, tattered hours of the morning. It all happened in a home studio, somewhere in eastern Austria.

This is the after-scene of post-punk – with synthesisers, drum machines and a soulful, wandering saxophone. Andreas Spechtl sings in plaintive, conflicting tones. The words anxiously collide – there is German and English – but meaning lies elsewhere, inarticulate. Die Gruppe is a stifling album. What If reminds me of a darker Talking Heads while On Livestream is a sleek, synth pop tale of life on screens. Although most of the songs evoke feelings of dispersion and disintegration, they are also haunted by visions of solidarity.


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