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Released: 24.07.20







Colure is the second album from RY X and Frank Wiedemann’s project, which merges electronic and acoustic instrumentation. The duo are the sort of outrageously talented, classically trained artists who find themselves so at home on the more melodic orientated techno labels.

Opening track Ellipses 2 eases you in before the second tune, Pieces, begins to carry the duo’s typically anthemic sound. A few of the track placings are slightly unusual, as Bind loses some of the momentum which had previously built, but the selection of tracks is excellent. The trademark distant, ethereal vocals are present in abundance, and add a layer of melancholy to the predictably excellent instrumentals.

The album really hits its stride with the sublime The Water. It is Howling at their absolute best, and everything they do so well in microcosm. The vocals are exceptional and moving, reminiscent of previous iconic singles Phases and Howling, which are some of their absolute best work. It’s easy to see why Howling have enjoyed such enormous crossover success. Their pre-Covid touring schedule featured some of the foremost electronic and techno festivals on the planet, while being equally at home in renowned theatres and auditoriums. This latest album is the absolute best of both.


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