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Released: 18.08.17





In the past couple of years, Rocket Recordings have pulled off the enviable trick of maintaining some sterling quality control whilst simultaneously moving further away from what might once have been perceived as a house style: the past 12 months has seen them some remarkable albums from acts as diverse as Pigs x7, Julie’s Haircut, Kuro and Gnod (in their raging, bass-driven, agit incarnation).

Indeed, it’s that recent Gnod album that the new Housewives record – their second – most resembles at times. FF061116 might be Rocket’s most uncompromising release yet, as Housewives channel everything from eighties industrial grind to post-punk polyrhythms to the most angular hardcore – imagine a REALLY unhinged, rhythm-driven Birthday Party.

At times the ‘excerpt’ approach irks a little – tracks start and stop unexpectedly, as if the track is one snippet from a longer work (perhaps it is) but even after a dozen listens I’m still checking to see the player hasn’t skipped. FF061116 isn’t a record of wild variety – Housewives pound each groove into submission before moving onto the next – and it’s bleak stuff, but there’s a power and fierce intent here that’s to be applauded.

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