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Released: 05.05.17




Imagine if you will a collision of Dead Prez’ ‘revolutionary but gangsta’ flow, Black Flag’s hardcore velocity, Death Grips’ belligerence and the digital mayhem of Atari Teenage Riot. Now imagine it actually working, brilliantly. Ladies and germs, it’s Ho99o9.

This debut album explodes from your speakers with the statement of ferocious intent that is War is Hell, tears straight into the circle pit monster of Tear It Up and barely pauses for breath thereafter, veering wildly between punk and hip hop – often in the same song – and only slowing for the occasional stoned-as-fuck track like Hydrolics that wouldn’t be out of place on a Danny Brown album. Ho99o9 are the band we need right now. Vote early! Vote often! Vote Ho99o9!

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