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Released: Monday 26th January


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This month North East band High Tide 15:47 are releasing their eponymously titled debut EP. After spending the early parts of last year struggling to record in various studios, the band decided to record in their Ouseburn practice space and also with Mick Ross (Frankie and the Heartstrings). Six months of recording, mixing and finely honing later, the EP was born and December’s single Shade of Blue is already causing ripples in the wider musical world, having appeared in the NME’s Radar section, received air time on BBC 6 Music and had favourable reviews from blogs both at home and abroad.

The EP’s first track, Too Much Time Alone, is a demo previewed half way through last year that helped initiate High Tide’s buzz. The band describe themselves as a “fuzzy twist” on the shoegaze and dream-pop of the 80s and 90s, and this is definitely present in the track with its seventy second instrumental opening of pulsating drums, thick bass and an echoing guitar line before understated vocals are added to the mix. The track personifies a fuzzy noise, but the best kind.

This is followed up by Shade of Blue, the most polished track of the release. The vocals and guitar are given their own space, which creates a serene atmosphere that is only enhanced by Steve Gordon’s harmonies with newest addition to the band Hannah D’Arcy. D’Arcy adds another distinctive layer of sound to the band, bringing both guitar and keyboard as well as her backing vocals, which should only add to their live presence.

While the vocals have a great tone in (Fade Away), the track struggles in comparison to those preceding it, and in this instance the previously understated vocals have difficulty competing with the band’s characteristic noise. Headclouds offers redemption with a more chilled introduction that seems to float throat through the air. The song may not have the energy of the others, but it provides a nice balance to the EP.

High Tide 15:47 present the promised “fuzzy twist” in tracks dominated by distortion and reverb that results in real ethereal quality alongside enough noise to leave any venue shaking. Whilst the EP is an enjoyable listen, more diversity to the melancholia would enhance the combination. Despite this, the EP generally prevails and definitely gives the impression it would be extremely intense live. High Tide 15:47 are already said to have made waves locally, and maybe they might just hit the shore.

High Tide 15:47 will launch their debut EP at The Mining Institute, Newcastle on Saturday 7th February.

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