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Released: 10.7.15

More information on Heyrocco’s official website


Teenage Movie Soundtrack is a remake of 90s grunge and pop punk that casts Heyrocco front-man Nathan Jake Merli as the protagonist who’s looking to find his place in the world; fuzzy riffs and sex-obsessed lyrics throughout capture the imperfect perception of the American high school experience. Filtered in between a wall of nostalgic noise are cranky love songs about ‘morning spoons’ in First Song and Sante Fe that lack slightly in the humour department that is defined in the pop punk genre, but Merli’s emotionally hit vocals will have memories of past breakups flooding back. A concoction of Blink 182 meets Nirvana, Heyrocco’s debut album may strike gold with 90s kids needing their fix of loud guitars and pop-influenced melodies.

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