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How Does It Feel To Be Loved

Released: 31.7.15

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In the two years since their remarkable debut, Haiku Salut have fallen victim to a polite Terminator-style upheaval: the machines have taken over, quietly. Whereas Tricolore saw the trio mix electronic elements to an acoustic, bucolic sound, Etch & Etch Deep sees those electronic elements at the very core of the music. And it’s absolutely glorious. There’s still traces of Psapp and Tunng, but now it’s early Four Tet that springs to mind. Every song is bursting with two years’ worth of accumulated ideas and energy – restlessly inventive, melodically uplifting, creatively arranged – and if occasionally songs sound a little similar to each other, that’s okay because the overall effect is so bloody lovely. Music for giddy, drunken summer afternoons.

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