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Released: 01.06.18






Kudos to Ghost for committing wholeheartedly to an aesthetic: they’ve stuck to this whole demonic church idea for over a decade now, and show no signs of giving it up. The Swedish psychedelic doom metal band announced their fourth “sacred psalm” from Ghost’s satanic scriptures, Prequelle.

Latest leader of the cult, Cardinal Copia, was introduced via lead single Rats, a slimy operatic twisted hymn. Modern issues are refracted through a medieval view, and the rats that spread the Black Death are likened to those who spread hateful, destructive ideas. Miasma nails melodic hardcore, being an instrumental epic of church organs and electronica, and, bizarrely, jazz saxophone. I don’t think I’ve been indoctrinated into the Church of Ghost, but I might end up paying them a visit once or twice.


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