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Released: 08.04.16





Three years after their last album, Frightened Rabbit are finally, properly, back. In that time there’s been a solo album, a relocation to LA, internal squabbling, a small change of line-up and a lot of silence. No EPs, no Christmas single, just a seemingly never-ending period of writing and demoing.

It’s fair to say then, that Painting Of A Panic Attack could not be more eagerly anticipated if it tried, but is it worth the wait? Well, aye, of course it is.

Frightened Rabbit have clearly had to work out where they stand after their last album, Pedestrian Verse, was hailed as the culmination of their sound but failed to see them break out. Painting Of A Panic Attack reflects that struggle beautifully, and, having clearly decided that bigger isn’t necessarily better, Frightened Rabbit have released an album which unveils itself slowly and isn’t afraid to slink instead of strut, to whisper hoarsely instead of shouting.

Death Dreams is the most grandiose moment, but repeated listens reveal the weary beauty of Blood Under The Bridge, the head-pounding frustration underpinning Little Drum and the unashamed pining of 400 Bones nestled in a consistently beautiful record.

Hiring The National’s Aaron Dessner as producer was clearly a master stroke, giving Frightened Rabbit the courage to play with new sounds and introduce some of The National’s tropes such as the magnificent lurking horns. Dessner has also smoothed out some of the rougher edges to make the band sound more broadly appealing, whilst the songs actively shy away from the sort of chorus hunting that you might expect from a band who have so frequently flirted with mainstream success.

As beautifully booze-soaked and passionate as ever, Painting Of A Panic Attack is the second coming of Frightened Rabbit, and we should all be very excited for where it takes them.


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