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Ten years after their first collaboration, Frank Turner and Jon Snodgrass return with a ten-track album, Buddies II: Still Buddies.

There are a couple tracks of worth here, S-Bar and Bad Times Good Vibes are the clear highlights, pockets of well-written music that aren’t given enough time to grow. The swooning tones of Snodgrass’ voice with Turner’s comical annoyance present the jolly tones the album is going for. Bad Times Good Vibes presents a brief interlude of heavy punk rock from Turner, but fizzles out nicely into Snodgrass’ country-style charms. The songs demonstrate an album which would be far stronger if it weren’t mired by an inarticulate premise. Instead, we make way for conversation between Turner and Snodgrass, which gives the release the feel of a disconnected podcast rather than a rich offering of melodies and vocals.

The main issue with Buddies II is its length; with less than a minute of music at times, and not all of it very good, short songs are overwhelmed by dull conversation. Tracks that seem to be three minutes in length actually only contain forty seconds of music, bookended by a fleetingly boring chat about the song or current events.

Underwhelming at the best of times, Buddies II is a marginal improvement over the pair’s first outing, but doesn’t offer up Turner’s lyrical style or Snodgrass’ powerful voice.



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