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Erased Tapes

Released: 21.02.20






A stripped retreat from its predecessors, this third album sees Dorset songwriter Douglas Dare reminisce on the joys and pains of his youth; a pensive examination rooted equally in a longing for innocence and a newfound sense of self-acceptance. Unfortunately, despite the introduction of autoharp, this sonic cull forgoes much of what made his music appealing in the first place.

The results sound unrefined and strangely colourless, pitched in an awkward middle-ground between Jeff Buckley and James Blake – neither as emotionally resonant and evocative as the former, nor as sonically adventurous as the latter. It’s all a little dry, and it’s no coincidence that the brightest moments – I am Free, Where Ever You Are – occur when fine-drawn electronics seep back into earshot.




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