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Released: 16.09.22







It’s been six arduous, protracted years since DITZ first drew admiring glances, plagued by social turmoil, culture wars and legislative cruelty. The Great Regression may allude to their penchant for childish in-jokes, but as a title it’s no misdirect, with socio-political strife lurking inextricably within every crevice of the Brightoners’ furious, long-awaited debut.

Raining down like shower of bricks, the quintet’s industrial-grade noise rock addresses gender-hinged insecurity (I Am Kate Moss), fair-weather activism (Three) and minimum wage toil (Ded Würst), all coursing with a volatile snarl wrought through patterns of indignity. Leaving scorched earth whenever their aggression boils over, DITZ’s concrete, hitherto pent-up defiance makes a formidable first impression.


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