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Sacred Bones

Released: 18.9.15

More information on Destruction Unit’s Bandcamp page


Arizona’s Destruction Unit have always been at the more abrasive end of the psych boom, but Negative Feedback Resistor comes on like a bad trip soundtrack to some really gnarly goings on. Constant touring has honed their sound and turned them evil, like an especially malevolent hardcore band with occasional space rock excesses. Chemical Reaction/Chemical Delight is especially ferocious – nine minutes of bludgeoning riffs and menacing vocals that collapses into a magnificent squall of feedback and FX, while lead single If Death Ever Slept is a three minute blast of snot-nosed punk nihilism. Destruction Unit sound like they’ve loaded their dune buggies with weapons and bad drugs and are coming to do something unspeakable to your pets.

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