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Released: 22.07.22






I’ve had an appreciation for Dawes’ Taylor Goldsmith since first hearing Florida Key, a lost Bob Dylan lyric he set to music. This new album is a far cry from that. Kicking off with a nine minute trip through rhythm, blues and prog, by the halfway mark there’s echoes of The Electrician by The Walker Brothers.

Goldsmith has noted that this record veered away from their usual minimalist sound, setting out to become maximalist; I’d say it’s maximalist but in a minimalist way. On Ghost In The Machine there’s some convening with the philosophers, politics, the music of the spheres and references to Gilbert Ryle and Arthur Koestler and existentialism, with lots of self-referential and meta themes. Is there a killer song? Not quite. Killer moments? There’s several. It’s definitely a grower.


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