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Released: 04.11.22







Darren Hayman returns with You Will Not Die; but Darren, unfortunately I will.

Recorded during the hellish time that will be known as 2020-21, Hayman worked under self-imposed rules, pushing his limits to the max. Sonically, Hayman has achieved some really engaging, electronic, synth-based pieces. From the ominous, bass-heavy We Are Repaired, to the bouncy and bright Don’t Haunt Me, there are plenty of little great moments.

But it starts to fall apart as a cohesive project, as a lot of the tracks serve very little other than dragging the listener through the dawdling 90 minutes of music; some of it needed to be cut. But for those of us who are in for the listen, there’s some hidden gems lurking within, particularly in terms of production and song writing. 


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