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Released: 04.05.15

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Brussels based Dans Dans are Jazz musicians first and foremost. Yet 3 doesn’t show any of the pretensions usually accustomed to the genre. They most definitely don’t make the type of jolly music that their name suggests (Dance Dance) but they manage to catch the groove on a regular basis to make the album more than just a static listen. Blues Rock, Garage and Psychedelic noise are all expertly cut into the band’s sound, making for an eclectic and at times exciting listen. Things never rest at the same tempo – Coffee Grounds rumbles to a tribal drum rhythm whilst closer and mouthful of a title Htes To Vradi Sto Teke Mas sounds like the deconstruction of an orchestra under by its deranged composer. Distorted vocal samples are used to provide an added dynamic to the evolving darkness of the band’s sound – it’s almost Lynchian in its cool, mystery but never as creepy as the Twin Peaks soundtrack. With the key Jazz method of improvisation and some slick atmospheric sounds, Dans Dans turn a basic blues lead guitar into a nourish vision of filmic beauty that lasts long after one listen.

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