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Released: 15.01.21







It’s late winter’s night in a downtown hotel, you are sheltering in the bar. In the corner a lounge singer has started playing the piano, there is something about his fractured, off-kilter jazz and the disturbing content from his rich burring, crooning voice that tells you he is an interloper, he doesn’t belong. But you don’t call for the security because you are drawn in, mesmerised even, pulled through a wormhole into a world that is dark, disturbing, inspiring, emotionally perspiring but above all strangely, surreally beautiful.

Daniel Knox‘s fifth studio album is the unravelling of dreamscapes, yet starkly realistic cinematic wanderings and wonderings. As the lead piano is overpowered by synthesised drone, it becomes a descent into the labyrinth with a shattering finale. A masterpiece.


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