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Released: 19.02.16




Suicide proved that marrying electronic grooves to rockabilly vocals can be a blast. But Dan Sartain is no Alan Vega and nothing on Century Plaza is a Frankie Teardrop (the Wipeout Beat cover here is dire).

Sartain used to be great: he looked like the kind of charming, flick-knife comb sporting hoodlum who’d steal your beer and your girl but leave you smiling anyway, and his Speedo-sanctioned garage-billy was sharp and romantic. But this electropop/chillwave sidestep is risible: Drive soundtrack outtakes with Sartain sounding lost and out of time on top. The only thing worse than the cover art is the Halen-esque shredding on First Bloods.

Avoid at all costs – go listen to Gun Vs Knife instead.

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