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Released: 11.05.15

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When they first emerged, Crocodiles were lumped in with the shoegaze mini-revival of the time. Needless to say, the fuzzed-out records they were making at the time never really fitted in with that scene, and with each album peeling away another layer of distortion to reveal the pristine, classicist rock’n’roll lying beneath, by now it’s hard to know what scene they do belong to.

Their fifth album to date, Boys finds the core Crocodiles duo of Brandon Welchez and Charles Rowell going all-out on the Stones swagger whilst still dealing in some freakier shapes. Lead single Crybaby Demon is a grooving, organ-driven delight that sets the tone for the following swinging, amped-up delights like the scuzzed-up Hard and the louche Peroxide Hearts. Not that this is a one-note record – the space-age lullaby The Boy Is A Tramp and the “Hendrix version of All Along The Watchtower plunged down a K-hole” crawl of Blue see to that – but rather that Boys fits into the established pattern of Crocodiles slowly removing various trappings, occasionally trying different sounds out for style (last time out, a splash of gospel: this time, an infusion of salsa rhythm) but for the most part inching closer and closer to a Platonic idea of the rock band. Crocodiles might not be doing anything exactly new, but they do it with a success rate, a sly (and under-acknowledged) wit and a style that few can match.

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