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Released: 25.09.20







With each release, punk outfit Cabbage seem to sharpen their sound, tempering their work with a rising sense of discontent.

This album sees Cabbage cannon back into the scene with a barbarous urgency. Amanita Pantherina instantly crashes in with a colossus of noise and rage; snarling vocals, dripping in personality and venom control the madness as crunching guitars and booming basses curate a cacophony of sounds, the likes of which Cabbage have never summoned before.

With only 11 tracks, this release feels enormous. The billowing magnitude of the project is undeniable, with Cabbage harnessing a sound distinctly theirs. Maturing from their early work, Amanita Pantherina has the poignant odour of greatness, sweating out of the emotive performances, incredible production, staggering instrumentation and unexpectedly tender moments.


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