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Released: 02.03.18






Well this doesn’t fuck about – a fully in-your-face split from two of the noise underground’s finest. Bruxa Maria (who’ve just survived an awful van crash in France thankfully comparatively intact) have included three absolute beasts: opener It’s All In The DNA is pure late eighties hardcore, with Gill Dread’s vocals channelling pure malevolence. Rise is similarly fierce, while People Die In Revolutions is a sludgy, claustrophobic crawl.

In response, the mighty Casual Nun turn in two tunes – The Sweet Hereafter and Easy Now, Cowboy – that are as fierce as anything they’ve done, while Sherry Bell is a soothing (if slightly menacing) interlude and Crane In The Water is a more typical lysergic workout. Two essential bands at the top of their game.


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