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Released: 02.02.24





The slow post-rock build-up of the opening title track on Bipolar Architecture’s new album is no indication of the ferocity about to unleash as this nihilistic four-piece embarks on the punishing frenzy that is their sophomore album. Distilled over two years since their debut, Depressionland, the quartet has further unified their sonic style.

Death of The Architect is an unrelenting epic wall of riffs and blast beats with the howl of principal songwriter and singer Sarp Keski ever-present. Kaygi and Alienated follow with an icily detached yet intense sound that uses the existentialist, introspective themes of Depressionland as fuel for a deeper, more haunting exploration of the human condition. There’s an ambition and scale here, between the abrasive musical extremes, that gives their songs depth and heft on which to savour.



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