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Released: 04.11.16





A spellbinding album from former By Toutatis singer and Teesside-dweller Daniel Cochran presents a cauldron of ideas, emotions, facts and fantasy, with a thousand jumping off points to discover and explore. Belly Of Paris is a truly multi-national organisation, an Anglo-Indo-Argentine-Palestinian-Hungarian band based in Bahrain, the breadth of the musical styles, tempos and moods reflect that wealth of influences.

Cochran’s deep, studious voice narrates over the crumbling baroque excesses of Hechizado, and the album shudders with the tottering gait of trumpets and bass; while Macie Shot The Barn Owl is a jaunty folk tune which explodes into a maelstrom of guitars and feathers.

The debut album is a real triumph, a wonder-fuelled release with highly addictive properties.


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