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Released: 03.02.17





Royksopp and A-Ha aside, Norway tends to specialise in heavy metal bands, so when screaming doomsters Kvelertak attempt a side project, you’d expect more of the same but just a bit more downtempo, right? Wrong, because Beachheads is far more tuneful, uptempo, and downright friendly  than one has any right to expect.

They’re singing in English, which helps their cause no end. Radio 1 favourite Your Highness blends late IRS-era R.E.M. with the pop-rock chops of Blink 182, there’s early Blur in the choppy riffs of Una, and the straight-ahead college rock of Give Me Some Love evokes the finest in British jangle-pop – Teenage Fanclub perhaps? Beachheads – the least likely side project since Garth Brooks became Chris Gaines.

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