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Released: 21.01.22






Connecticut upstarts Anxious have come piling into the fray with debut album Little Green House, proudly sporting a bruising canniness and a tender gratitude for the dynamism of proper, classic emo and the grit of DIY hardcore. Boasting ten slabs of luscious, heartfelt angst, the five-piece introduce themselves with a record that earnestly meditates on the exploration of coming-of-age, the empty bewilderment of divorce, and the aching inevitability of change.

Borrowing heavily from the hook-laden fuzz of ‘90s alt. rock, Little Green House isn’t lacking in admirable moments, but the sage composition of More Than A Letter and the pounding freneticism of Speechless are particular peaks. Anxious will still have higher gears to find, perhaps, but as far as debuts go, this is a decidedly commendable effort.



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