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Released: 19.02.16





A monotonous clanging infused with a tribal drum beat and their penchant dreamy harmonic rhythm oozing with noises reminiscent of the rainforest entices us into bouncy FloriDaDa, four minutes of sun-drenched unpredictability on Animal Collective‘s latest record.

The Burglars revs up the pace to an intense, jittery psychedelic blur, with slivers of game-show percussion and the trio’s softening vocals the only aspect keeping it at respectable listening speed; their desire to display experimentation is clear, with Bagels In Kiev’s dream-pop vibe and the contorted electronic mangles of Summing The Wretch a far cry from one another.

The futuristic aura of Golden Gal conjures a possible alienated theme to the release, however after 15 years of churning out mind-boggling masterpieces, will anybody be able to pin Animal Collective down to a description?

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