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Released: 25.11.22







The cover of Andrew Wasylyk’s album features a ship in a bottle surrounded by seashells, feathers and the white glow of a full moon. It sums up the album perfectly. Aquatic, ethereal and fragile in equal measure, upon listening one has the feeling of being temporarily suspended in a fog of wistful ambivalence. It’s elegant and spatial.

Inspired by the dramatic land photography of Thomas Joshua Cooper, Wasylyk creates harp-led cinematic soundscapes that seem infinite. Although the seven tracks vary in meaning, the LP doesn’t feel overwhelming in its abstraction. Wasylyk creates beautiful jazz-soaked ambient music that is liberating and meditative, rather than aggressively esoteric. The album no doubt cements Wasylyk’s reputation as not only an ambitious and brilliant multi-instrumentalist, but as a serious modern artist. 


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