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Released: 25.09.20






Image by Paul Husband

Imagine if you will, an expert producer taking the William S. Burroughs Cut Up technique to the entire ACR back catalogue; editing, splicing and dicing until all that remained was the absolute essence of Manchester’s finest punk-funkers…add in lashings of squelchy 303 synths, sumptuous and soulful vocals from the always incredible Denise Johnson (RIP you absolute superstar, we will miss you forever) and slinky and superlative guest spots from Sink Ya Teeth, Gabe Gurnsey (Factory Floor), Mike Joyce (The Smiths/Buzzcocks) and Eric Random.

Now mix the whole thing up until you arrive at a somewhat disorientating, wildly woozy and wholly euphoric mind-bender. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to ACR:Loco, a forward-looking genre-defying slice of musical majesty.


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