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Welcome to A Week of Late Shows, where we’re looking a bit deeper at some of the amazing events happening across Newcastle and Gateshead after dark on Friday 15th and Saturday 16th May!

Sanctuary Artspace (Saturday 16th May only)

CoMusica Arches have teamed up with Sanctuary Artspace this year for a unique and insightful exploration of one of the underground music scene’s most iconic bands. Behind the Mask looks at Tyneside’s connection to rave group Altern8, a band who encapsulated everything innocent and energetic about the early days of the scene. Using memorabilia and several commissioned artworks based on the theme of masks, the collaboration aims to reflect this. Plus, for all you hardcore ravers out there, there’ll also be a special performance from Altern8 themselves.

Don’t worry if you have young children though; if you get down between 6pm and 7.30pm you can watch some live art demos and get the chance to customise your own rave mask. I wouldn’t mind doing that myself!

It’s So Last Century @ St. Mary’s Heritage Centre (Saturday 16th May only)

We’ve all done it. We’ve all looked at old photographs of our parents and grandparents and at least thought to ourselves, “what are you wearing?” (It’ll happen to us one day…) No matter how old you are, you’ll probably find something truly fascinating – and maybe even a bit cringe-worthy – amongst the knick knacks and clothes on display at St. Mary’s Heritage Centre.

Take a trip through the 20th Century and explore everything that made the past great. Channel your inner Jay Gatsby and flap your way through the 20s, creating a unique beaded brooch or tie pin. Or, you can reveal your inner goddess as a 50s housewife and create your own vintage cup. In the 60s, 70s and 80s you can have a bit of a chuckle at the fashions (especially the day-glo lycra and leg-warmers) and indulge in some serious nostalgia by playing with a range of 90s toys and games. It’s retro heaven.

Discovery Museum (Saturday 16th May only)

You might well have heard of the term “projection mapping” but not quite known what it actually relates to. Now’s your chance to get a grip on what it’s all about as students on Newcastle College’s ED Animation and Games course take you on a journey of sight and sound, exploring the world of projection mapping in all its glory. They’ll be working with local motion graphics company NOVAK to present the exhibition, which might make you just a little bit jealous as to what kids these days can do.

Mining Institute (Saturday 16th May only)

What do you want from your library? Peace and quiet? A stern librarian keeping things in order? A bit of muffled coughing in the background as you leaf through the periodicals? Well, the Mining Institute have never been totally dedicated to that more traditional model, so it’s no surprise that they’re bringing music, comedy, laughter, flying acrobats and fire eaters (!) to the venue for one night only. Circus Central and Family La Bonche provide the entertainment in the Library, Lecture Theatre and will pop up with a few surprises elsewhere too. Libraries have never been so fun.

For more information on the participating venues and events, visit The Late Shows official website.

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