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After recently being placed on Glastonbury’s Emerging Talent longlist, playing at the 6Music Festival and releasing a brand new track for free to their fans just a few weeks ago, alt-rock quintet SHIELDS kicked off 2015 in style. They’re currently gearing up to release their debut album How Can We Fix This in the summer, which is guaranteed to be filled with indie-pop gems and tonnes of furiously infectious hooks. We asked the rapidly rising band to tell us more about themselves, and the answers were more than a little bit interesting…

1.Thomas Henri Phillip Marie Larthe de Langladure: that’s SHIELDS’ drummer’s name. He is descended from French aristocracy from around the 14th century where his ancestors were organisers of the King’s entertainment (fox hunting/parties/general good times), so it seems quite apt that he should play in a band performing for music lovers of all kinds. Let it be known that Marie is a name steeped in family tradition – he’s not a girl and all the boys have it. His family’s fall from grace was around a civil war (1789-1799) where most of the rich and greedy were somewhat persecuted (probably rightfully) – so they fled and lost all their castles and riches. The result of such an event is a lad who is a Geordie through and through and who lives a very normal, non-aristocratic life playing drums in a band. Apparently another Ancestor was the first man to translate the bible into French. Family trees throw up the most interesting things!

2. While we were playing five nights around Germany with FIDLAR and VIMES, John was asked to shut the door to the backstage area after the gig in Cologne. In his enthusiasm for such a request, he didn’t notice Max’s (drummer for FIDLAR) hand in the frame (it should be mentioned that this door is one of those industrial steel doors which carries a hefty weight). The inevitable broken finger ensued but the bands stayed friends through sheer banter and Max just got on with the rest of the dates like a trooper.


The result of such an event is a lad who is a Geordie through and through and who lives a very normal, non-aristocratic life playing drums in a band

3. The first song that Rich ever wrote was called Social Hype (Stereotype), a song about people judging others at face value. Whilst the theme of the song was morally relevant, he openly admits that it was shit… Nevertheless, he played it to his music teacher at school who loved it so much it got chosen as the main piece for a short performance for the Our Town Story exhibition at the Millennium Dome, representing the county. Funnily enough, the exhibition was sponsored by McDonalds who happened to also love the song and it was considered for use in an ad campaign. Sadly, poor Rich was just pipped to the post by Justin Timberlake…

4. Luke featured as an aristocratic diner on Downton Abbey’s Christmas special, and as a Scottish warrior along side Michael Fassbender in a production of Macbeth.  Keep your eyes peeled the next time you watch Vera or George Gently; you might catch a glimpse of some other members of the band. Blink and you’ll miss them though.

5. David hasn’t seen the following films: Star Wars (any), The Godfather (any), Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter, Predator, Terminator, Jaws, Rocky, Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones, The Green Mile, Toy Story (any), Snatch, Die Hard (any), Wizard of Oz, Spiderman (any), Saving Private Ryan…the list goes on. It’s a shame Dave didn’t grow up wanting to be a Jedi like the rest of us or having nightmares about a shiny metallic man who can run at 60mph.

Find out more about SHIELDS on their official website.

You can download their new track Enemy for free on their Soundcloud page.

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