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Self-described as what happens when you let two drummers form a band, Dave Hyde (The Futureheads) and Neil Bassett (The Golden Virgins) are Hyde & Beast, the band bringing back retro indie-pop to the masses. Inspired by Animal Collective, the Beach Boys and T-Rex, they released their latest album Keep Moving last year to great critical acclaim, propelling the duo into the spotlight. Now one of the region’s best-loved bands, we asked Neil to tell us a little more about the story behind the duo and to give us some facts that we might not have known before…

1) Let’s start at the start. The name Hyde & Beast was thought up by our good friend and esteemed musician Lucas Renney, who I used to drum alongside in The Golden Virgins back in the day. Lucas figured out that an anagram of my name (Neil Bassett) was “Silent Beast” and when me and Dave Hyde were looking for a name for our thing, Lucas suggested Hyde & Beast. Somehow it stuck. It’s Lucas’ fault! As a side note, some other good anagrams of my name are “Tenis Tables” “testes in lab” and “lesbian test.”

2) If my calculations are correct, we have so far had 15 different musicians play on stage with us during our gigs. When we play live shows we are a many limbed entity with as many as 9 musicians on stage at one time including our beautiful 3 piece horn section Will, Simon and Andy

3) We try and have a different name for our gorgeous three piece brass section at every live show. My memory of tours is not that good but so far we have had definitely had Brassic Park 3, Brasta Carbonara, The Goldie Horns, The Brastafarians, Lips lungs & cheeks, The Horns of Cape Cod, The Horns of Plenty… Starting to run out of names now.

4) On the first day of our recent UK tour our van got pulled over by the police on the way to our sold out London show because they thought the van looked weighed down. We were escorted to a police weighbridge and detained for over 4 hours because our van was 157 stones (or just over a tonne) overweight (probably something to do with massive amounts of the Wylam Brewery/Hyde & Beast beer we were taking on tour to sell). We made the gig on time. Just.

5) The video for our song You Will Be Lonely ends with someone in a bear suit swimming into the North East. That someone was me. It was November, it was 7am and dat sea was cold! We’d just got back off tour at about 3am that morning. I had 3 hours sleep then went into the North Sea. Dave had promised me that, despite not appearing in this part of the video, he would be morale support and would turn up at 7am to help. Not a sign of him until it was all over. He slept until 12. That means I win… Or that I am an idiot.

Hyde & Beast are playing at the Tyneouth Surf Café on Friday 17th April.

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