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Despite only being halfway to being middle aged, sometimes when I’m curling up on the sofa with a hot chocolate in my slippers watching Gogglebox it can feel like I’ve prematurely aged. Perhaps I’m not doing the whole ‘middle aged’ thing right though. I need someone to tell me if I’m prematurely middle-ageing or if I’m just going through a mid-twenties crisis. What better teacher of being perfectly middle aged could we have than a professional grumpy old woman?

Jenny Eclair – professional soup maker, novice knitter, survivor of a relatively popular diving television show – might be younger than Madonna but she also likes eating crisps and drinking wine. That makes her trustworthy (never trust a person who doesn’t like even the occasional bag of crisps). It also puts her in a prime position to talk about what it’s like to be middle aged. She’ll be telling us whether it’s okay to laugh, cry, buy a dachshund or do a combination of all of the above. I predict you’ll mostly be laughing here though. Or crying with laughter. Just make sure you button your cardis up nice and snug and wear that pair of sensible shoes you just bought. Might be a bit nippy outside afterwards.

Jenny Eclair comes to Northern Stage, Newcastle on Wednesday 28th October and The Witham, Barnard Castle on Saturday 31st October.

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