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Ever wondered what happened to Gallows frontman Frank Carter after he briefly went all positive in his happy hardcore band Pure Love? If you were worried that he might have mellowed or, god forbid, quit music altogether, don’t: Carter is back with three instrument-beaters of the highest order to deliver to some ear-bleeding vitriol that makes Slaves look altogether tame.

The band’s recent album Blossoms was a brutal and uncompromising collection of eardrum-shattering rock rage that tackles subjects as diverse as religious extremism, relationships and suicide bombers. While not at all subtle and dedicated to noise, though, it’s also a curiously melodic album that’s a little more nuanced than it appears on the surface. Carter is also known for his uninhibited and often unhinged live performances that often descend into chaos. Prepare yourself for a visual and aural onslaught that might put you in a daze for a day or so but will also leave you wondering why more bands can’t generate this kind of raw intensity.

Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes play at The Cluny, Newcastle on Friday 23rd October.

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