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Image: Expanding Cosmos by Gareth Hudson

Taking the notion of transcendence and the viewer’s perceptions of that which lies beyond our sense, experience and understanding, local video and installation artist Gareth Hudson has produced three solo shows at Newcastle’s Globe Gallery in an attempt to crystalize his observations and the responses of his interview subjects.

The installations, created solely of light and sound, veer between abstract and unashamedly obvious works. Work I (until Friday 13th November) looks at what defines the sublime moment of transcendence, using field recordings from various locations, Gareth worked with sound artist Toby Thirling, taking four possible moments and reducing them to sound and light to create a show for the eyes and ears. Work II (Friday 20th November until Saturday 19th December) is a dual screen video installation which looks at whether the transcendent comes from within or without, revealing footage from Buddhists in prayer, sprawling Japanese metropolises and German airports. Work III (Friday 29th January until Saturday 27th February) uses Gareth’s own brainwaves and takes a look at what his own death may look like from the EEG readout. Results were translated into a soundscape by musician Phil Begg, offering a reflection of mortality.

Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt is at Globe Gallery now.

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