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Hardly Art

Released: 9.10.15

More information on Protomartyr’s Bandcamp page


Last year’s Under Colour of Official Right gave Protomartyr a reputation as the snarling, tension-ridden face of post-punk revivalism, and on The Agent Intellect they double down on both these aspects. With a slight increase in production values abetting the brawny aggression of songs like Cowards Starve and the dissonant rockabilly of Why Does It Shake, the anger comes through loud and clear. But it’s the confusion and anxiety of Joe Casey’s vocals and lyrics, laced with the blackest of humour, that remains their strong point, leading the band on as they reach for more expansive, atmospheric sounds on the record’s second (stronger) half. A few generic post-punk riffs linger, but The Agent Intellect is a strong, multi-faceted step forward.

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